i'm isabella, and i'm 18. i'm studying history of art and integrated design in perth, western australia. hmu if ur a cutie

Maison martin margiela ss 2012 photos by filep motwary © 09392

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Slave to the Rhythm (1985)

art by Jean-Paul Goude

by carlotta-manaigo for robert geller
Anonymous: I think u should get both tattoos AND a septum piercings. fuck what the haters say - ur body ur choice and both those things r cool

i just posted it because i wasn’t sure what would suit me!! but i agree with u 100%, thank u :——)

Anonymous: who was the person that broke your heart?

it was just a guy i know, i’m not going to say his name lmao

Anonymous: 28 54

28// what is something you currently want right now? i want the anxiety that i’ve been plagued with for five years and the nausea that’s come with it to fuck off

54// do you have trust issues? yes, it takes a long time to gain my trust but then it can be broken instantly. if i trust you then you’re a really special person


January 2014
Kid Plotnikova by Fanny Latour-Lambert

FKA Twigs